Jordan Hirsch: I make digital transformation fun.

Jordan Hirsch

Jordan Hirsch

I make digital transformation fun.

I use my technical background, strong communication skills, and experience in the world of improv comedy to help organizations align their digital investments and activities with their strategic goals. I've run enough projects to know that no project methodology has all the answers, but a strong focus on goals and users paired with design thinking and collaboration can help make sure you don't waste time or money with your digital efforts.

In my role as the Director of Digital Strategy for Phase2, I help Fortune 500 companies, globe-spanning NGOs and non-profits, and government entities cut through the noise to craft actionable digital strategies that align with their strategic goals.

I'm also a public speaker, trainer, actor, singer, musician, and improviser. I used to blog about music and technology at Wired For Music but nowadays I do most of my writing on Twitter. I also run a training company with my wife called THINK IMPROV that helps businesses and individuals benefit from the power and lessons of improv comedy.

Fun Facts About Jordan

  • I've been on national television a couple times, including winning on Cash Cab.
  • I perform a one-man completely sung improvised musical show.
  • I have spoken at SXSW 4 times, and was voted an audience favorite.
  • I love candy, brown liquor, and bad horror movies.

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