Jordan Hirsch: Technologist, Improviser, Rock Star


I have been performing, teaching, and coaching improvised comedy for around a decade. Before moving to Yew York City in the fall of 2009, I performed and taught with Washington Improv Theater. I was a founding member of 2 long-form troupes: JINX, a group that explored the connections between seemingly unrelated things, people, and places, and iMusical, an improvised musical theater show that the Washington Post called "amusing," "gleefully vulgar," and "spot on."

Both troupes performed to sold-out crowds and standing-room only audiences from DC to New York to Chicago and beyond, including shows at the prestigious Chicago Improv Festival and the UCB Theater's Del Close Marathon, where iMusical received a (rarely given) standing ovation from a full house.

In addition to my long-form work, I am the also the co-creator and co-star -- along with iMusical's Karen Lange -- of Vox Pop, a 3-person all-musical improv show (no talking, only singing). I also perform regularly with my wife (and fellow JINX alumnus) Amanda Hirsch in a variety of 2-person shows. We frequently perform a format we created called "6 Degrees," which combines the La Ronde longform format with duologues to present a series of intertwined interviews that add up to a cohesive whole.

Since moving to New York City, I've studied with some of the best at the Upright Citizens Brigade Theater and the Magnet Theater. I'm currently 1/2 of a 2-person improv show called Wando. We are hilarious. I'm also a member of the NYC indie team Rumspringa, who like to make each other (and the audience) laugh.

In 2011, I began performing musical improv at the Magnet Theater, and am currently a member of Legend, one of Magnet's Musical Megawatt teams. We perform high-energy, super-fun musical improv - and we do it in style. Come see us Tuesday nights at Magnet!

I'm still performing with Vox Pop at festivals and other events. We were recently featured at the Philadelphia Improv Festival, the New York Musical Improv Festival, and the Del Close Marathon.

Here are some videos of previous improv shows and a movie or two that JINX created. Enjoy!

Improv is awesome and you should take a class. Improv classes are not only a ton of fun and a great way to meet people, they also expose your inner creative genius. You don't have to be "funny" to do improv, you just have to open your mouth and your ears at the same time. Trust me, you'll like it.

I recently started a company with my wife Amanda Hirsch called THINK IMPROV. THINK IMPROV helps people from all walks of life apply the concepts of improv comedy to unleash their full potential. We lead custom workshops that bring improv concepts off the stage and into your brain. Check us out!